Past Event

Functional Genomics and Proteomics - Applications, Molecular Diagnostics & Personalized Medicine

31 January – 1 February 2013
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The main objective and promise of functional genomics is to foster in-depth understanding of the processes that make up a living organism. How are genome and phenotyp related? What about the function of each and every gene and gene product? Answering these questions will lead to new biomedical and pharmacological applications as well as biosynthetic and biotechnical developments. For these ambitious goals, functional genomics uses a range of multiplex and high-throughput techniques, both at the nucleic acid and the protein level, and the quantity of valuable data generated is growing rapidly.

The increase in genomic information and understanding of how genes cause and influence certain diseases has the potential to transform healthcare. The objective of the genome-based personalized medicine is to make individualized risk predictions or treatment decisions. Development of biomarkers accompanies treatment development.

The Functional Genomics and Proteomics seminar, successor of Status Seminar Chip Technologies, will highlight new applications, advances in molecular diagnostics and the prospects and challenges of personalized medicine. Scientific lectures, posters and the exhibition will showcase today's technology and an outlook on the future.

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