Biohydrology 2013 addresses many contemporary issues surrounding water scarcity, climate change and increase pressure on land.

The conference focusses on the interaction between biological and hydrological systems, including positive impacts such as water harnessing and flood mitigation, and negative aspects including threats to food production, water repellency and environmental degradation through unsustainable land use practices.

Experts from hydrology, ecology, soil science, geography, biology, forestry and engineering will meet together in a forum designed to get different disciplines working together.

Topic 1:
Biohydrological Processes at Various Scales
Topic 2:
Food and Water Security, Biodiversity and Climate Change
Topic 3:
Coupled Land-Water Ecosystems
Topic 4:
Role of Biogeochemical Interfaces in Hydrology
  • Arnon Dag Agricultural Research Organization, Ministry of Agriculture, IsraelFind out more
  • Christian Körner University of Basel, Basel/SwitzerlandFind out more
  • Dani Or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich/SwitzerlandFind out more
  • Doris Vetterlein Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Halle/GermanyFind out more
  • Eckart Priesack German Research Center for Environmental Health, Munich/GermanyFind out more
  • John S. Richardson University of British Columbia, Vancouver/CanadaFind out more
  • Karsten Rinke Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Magdeburg/GermanyFind out more
  • Nadezda Nadezdina Mendel University, Brno/Czech RepublicFind out more