IV Interdisciplinary Conference "Biologically active substances and materials: fundamental and applied problems of production and application" will be held May 27 - June 01, 2013 in a comfortable place of the Crimea, in the Novy Svet (Ukraine).

The conference is traditionally an effective interdisciplinary platform to bring together scientists and developers from various research institutes and universities, engineers and managers, industrial organizations and companies working in the development of technology, production and use of biologically active compounds and materials.

A preparation and application of new bioactive substances and materials is one of important directions for nova day chemistry, physics, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology and medicine. The complexity of tasks, standings before researchers, requires close co-operation of specialists of the different sphere of knowledge – physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, ecology. Therefore the purpose of conference is combining effort scientists-developers of different research institutes and higher educational establishments, technologists and managers of production organizations and firms, workings in the field of development of technologies, production and application of bioactive substances and materials.

Main Topics

● New technologies of obtaining and study of bioactive natural and synthetic substances and materials. 

● Fundamental and applied problems of application of bioactive substances and materials.

● Intellectual property problems in the field of development and production of bioactive substances and materials.

The workings languages of conference are Russian, Ukrainian, English.


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