Past Event

8th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (8-ISMSC)

7–11 July 2013
Arlington, United States

Overview of Meeting Program

4 Plenaries, 2 Award Winners, 25 Invited Talks, 2 Poster Sessions
Poster Prizes, Poster Talks and Short Talks are available
DOE Student and Postdoc Travel Awards are available
Reception and Banquet Dinner

Seminar Themes

Complexity (Plenary: Bert Meijer)
Assemblies (Plenary: Makoto Fujita)
Molecular Machines and Mechanical Effects (Plenary: Fraser Stoddart)
Functional Crystals
Polymers and Materials
Supramolecular Chemistry of Biology (Plenary: Samuel Gellman)

Surfaces and Interfaces

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