Past Event

Thin Film & Crystal Growth Mechanisms Conference

7–12 July 2013
Biddeford, United States

The Thin Film and Crystal Growth Mechanisms Gordon Research Conference is dedicated to the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental atomic and nanoscale physics and chemistry that are central to the growth of crystals for a wide array of technologies. Historically, the conference has emphasized concepts rather than specific materials, technologies or growth methods. This focus has attracted scientists with a broad range of specializations, from semiconductor thin film growth to biocrystallization, who find common inspiration in examining how the general principles of crystal thermodynamics and growth kinetics are applicable to many fields.

The 2013 Thin Film and Crystal Growth GRC will continue the tradition of a highly interdisciplinary program. It will focus on the fundamental mechanisms underlying the self-assembly of ordered solid structures at the nanoscale that are universal across a wide array of systems: crystals grown from solution, vapor or melts; colloidal crystals, protein crystals, and biominerals; thin films deposited electrochemically or in ultra high vacuum; chemically assembled organic films; nanowires, nanoparticles and quantum dots formed in the bulk or on surfaces via strained epitaxy, and many others. We will analyze the thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanisms of nucleation and growth, the interactions between atoms, molecules, and particles that determine phase behavior and pathways of new phase formation.

This year we are excited to continue offering the corresponding Gordon Research Seminar that will highlight graduate student and postdoctoral research in a session preceding the GRC. Topics will include vapor and solution crystal growth, surface and interface kinetics, mediating crystallization and the growth of low dimensional materials such as thin films, particles and wires.


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