The Sam- Conamet Congress is held every year alternatively in Chile and Argentina and attracts more than 600 materials science and engineering profesionals fron Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Brasil, Spain and other countries, and invited key-note speakers from around the world. It is a special opportunity for an exchange of basic and technical knowledge among attendees coming from industry, academia and government institutions which enrich the discussions oriented to contibute with the solutions of technological problems, innovation, education and sustainability based on scientific an technological research.

13th International Congress on Science and Technology of Metallurgy and Materials SAM - CONAMET will be held in the city of Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, August 20 to 23,  2013. It is organized by the Missions Institute of Materials, National University of Misiones, the Executive Committee of Development and Technological Innovation of the Province of Misiones and Argentina Materials Society.