Past Event

Environment and Health - Bridging South North and West: Conference of ISEE, ISES and ISIAQ

19–23 August 2013
Basel, Switzerland

The ISEE (International Society for Environmental Epidemiology), ISES (International Society of Exposure Science), and the ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) invite you to the 2013 conference in Basel, hosted by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (SwissTPH). The conference aims at presenting recent scientific achievements in the field of exposure science and environmental health from all relevant disciplines and covering a broad range of topics.

Basel – a city at the tri-national angle of Switzerland, France, and Germany, with its five bridges over the Rhine – highlights the BRIDGING: bridging research from geographic regions all around the world, bridging scientific disciplines as the key strategy to resolve public health challenges in a changing environment, and bridging three societies working on partly related issues but never had a joint conference before.

The conference will feature – among other issues – the following key topics:

  • Assessing exposure to indoor and ambient air pollution, noise, chemicals, toxic waste and electromagnetic fields and evaluating long term health impact
  • Methodological challenges for global environmental epidemiology
  • Environmental risks in the context of rapid urbanization in resource-poor settings
  • Environmental susceptibility and resilience due to genes, co-morbidities, and socio-cultural and socio-economic factors
  • Life course environmental epidemiology
  • Linking science and policy through impact assessment
  • Indoor and outdoor environmental interventions to improve health
  • Water, sanitation and health linkages
  • Linkages between agriculture, environment and diseases of poverty
  • Identifying and modeling the impacts of and options for managing the environment and health risks of climate variability and change
  • Health impacts of natural resources development and management (e.g. extractive industry, water-resource developments)

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