Past Event


25–29 August 2013
Bratislava, Slovakia

Since 1995 EUROFILLERS conferences belong to the most important traditional meetings in Europe. First EUROFILLERRS international conference was organized in Mulhouse, France, combining former MOFFIS (France) and FILPLAS (UK) meetings. It was an immediate success, well attended and with an impressive number of quality papers covering a wide span of topics. The next meeting organized in Manchester two years later followed after the successful first conference covering all aspects of short fibers and particulate fillers research and development. Since then, every two years very successful EUROFILLERS conferences were held in Lyon, Lodz, Alicante, Bruges, Zalakaros, Alessandria, and Dresden.

10th anniversary meeting will be organized in Bratislava, Slovakia on August 25 -29, 2013. The focus and scope of fillers have gone through considerable changes during last years, since the interest of the industry as well as academia partly shifted from traditional fillers to other heterogeneous systems. Bio- or natural fillers reinforcement composites find application and are still interesting for development. Downsizing of fillers from micro- to nano-dimensions is bringing new possibility of combining improvement of physical-mechanical properties of polymer materials with special functionalities of nanofillers. New trends and application of filled polymeric materials will be also presented in the conference.

Major Topics

  • Filler Modification, Interfaces and Interphases
  • Functional Fillers
  • Composites with Designed Properties (electrically, thermally conductive)
  • Nanofillers, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, etc.
  • Nanocomposites
  • Processing, Properties and Morphology of Filled Polymers
  • Biofillers, Filled Polymers and Biopolymers
  • Applications of Filled Polymers, Automotive, Packaging, Coatings, Biomedical, etc.

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