Past Event

Gordon Research Conference: Dynamics at Surfaces

11–16 August 2013
Newport, United States

The 2013 Gordon Conference on Dynamics at Surfaces is the 33nd anniversary of a meeting held every two years that is attended by leading researchers in the area of experimental and theoretical dynamics at liquid and solid surfaces. The conference focuses on the dynamics of the interaction of molecules with either liquid or solid surfaces, the dynamics of the outermost layer of liquid and solid surfaces and the dynamics at the liquid-solid interface. Specific topics that are featured include state-to-state scattering dynamics, chemical reaction dynamics, non-adiabatic effects in reactive and inelastic scattering of molecules from surfaces, single molecule dynamics at surfaces, surface photochemistry, ultrafast dynamics at surfaces, and dynamics at soft (e.g. water) interfaces. The conference brings together investigators from a variety of scientific disciplines including chemistry, physics, materials science, geology, biophysics, and astronomy. The conference will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar for young researchers (graduate students and post-docs).

Young Investigator Competition: A popular feature of this conference is the Young Investigator Competition. All undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates are defined as young investigators and are eligible to enter this "best poster" competition. Young investigators present their posters during the first days of the conference. On the third day, the conference attendees vote by written ballot to select the top three posters. The top three winners each give an oral presentation describing their research during the Thursday evening session. This competition is a unique feature of the meeting and is highly regarded by the attendees, who have the opportunity to learn about cutting edge research delivered by the most promising young scientists in the field. In 2011, $500 in room and board support was provided to all poster presenters who entered the Young Investigator Competition, and we hope to provide a similar level of support in 2013. See the photo for the three investigators who won the competition in 2009.


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