Past Event

Gordon Research Conference: Laser Diagnostics in Combustion

11–16 August 2013
Waterville Valley, United States

The vast majority of the world’s energy needs are met by combustion of various fuels. Optimum utilization of limited resources together with control of pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases requires sustained improvement of combustion technology. This task can be satisfied only by detailed knowledge of the underlying physical and chemical processes. Non-intrusive laser diagnostics contribute to our growing understanding of these complex and coupled multi-scale processes. The GRC on Laser Diagnostics in Combustion focuses on the most recent scientific advances and brings together scientists and engineers working at the leading edge of combustion research. Major tasks of the community include the development and application of methods for precise and accurate measurements of fluid motion and temperature; chemical composition; multi-phase phenomena appearing near walls, or in spray and sooting combustion; improving sensitivity, precision, spatial resolution; and tracking of transients in their spatio-temporal development. The properties and behavior of novel laser sources, detectors, and optical systems that lead to new diagnostic capabilities are also part of the conference program.

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