Past Event

Gordon Research Conference: Soft Condensed Matter Physics

18–23 August 2013
New London, United States

This Gordon Conference focuses on the emerging properties of complex soft matter systems. We are interested in spontaneous self organization processes and the resulting physical properties of soft matter systems spanning a broad range from colloids to cell biological systems. We explore how the fundamental principles of physics that are evident in soft matter systems also can be applied in biological systems. Reciprocally, we will address how bio-inspired approaches can be applied to construct and understand novel materials for various applications. The Conference will bring together investigators who are at the cutting edge of their field, and it will provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to present their work in poster format as well as exchange ideas with leaders in the field. We see this GRC as a place to bring together soft matter and statistical physicists, biophysicists, physical chemists, and applied mathematicians.

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