Past Event

Gordon Research Seminar: Dynamics at Surfaces

10–11 August 2013
Newport, United States

Meeting Overview

The Gordon Research Seminar on Dynamics at Surfaces will be held for the second time and is intended for junior researches, graduate students and other scientist with a comparable level of experience. The topics of the contributions from participants will cover various aspects of surface dynamics approached from different theoretical and experimental angles.

These surroundings provide to the participants a unique opportunity to present their cutting edge results in a non-intimidating atmosphere. To encourage scientific discussion every participant is expected to contribute to the meeting by presenting a poster, giving a presentation, and/or acting as a session chair. If you want to present your work in a talk you should file a poster abstract in your application and indicate in the appropriate box that you want to apply for a talk. Talks will then be selected by the organizing committee. We encourage you to consider to act as a session chair. This you can indicate by checking the appropriate box as well.

The meeting will by started by talks of senior researchers which will provide an overview over the topics of the research seminar and the corresponding conference. The main body of talks will be given by selected graduate students and junior researches and ample time for discussions will be given.

Different poster sessions will further allow the participants to gain a wider overview over related research topics and discuss new research ideas among each other.

At the end of the meeting a session on career opportunities will be held.

Every participant is strongly encouraged to also attend the related Gordon Research Conference "Dynamics at Surfaces" that takes place right after this meeting.