Past Event

MMC-15: 15th IUPAC International Symposium on MacroMolecular Complexes

13–16 August 2013
Clemson, United States

Welcome to MMC-15:2013

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee and the International Advisory Board, we are delighted and honored to welcome each of you, our conference delegates; plenary speakers, invited presenters, contributed authors, students and our guests, to the charming city of Greenville, South Carolina and the picturesque campus of Clemson University for the 15th biennial IUPAC International Conference on MacroMolecular Complexes.

The IUPAC international MMC conferences have previously been held in Beijing (1985), Tokyo (1987), New Jersey (1989), Siena (1991), Bremen (1993), Kuang-chou (1995), Leiden (1997), Tokyo (1999), New York (2001), Moscow (2003), Pisa (2005), Fukuoka (2007), Termas de Chillán (2009) and Helsinki (2011). This year’s International MMC Conference in Greenville and the Campus of Clemson University, South Carolina, USA will bring together leading scientists and engineers from academe and industry to discuss the latest advances in MacroMolecular Complexes.

Out timely themes for this year’s conference are as follows: i) Energy Harvesting and Energy Industry; ii) Sustainability and Green Chemistry; iii) Biotechnology and Biomedicine; and iv) Global Health. These are pressingly important areas where macromolecules play a vital role in transforming our technological landscape for the betterment of human kind. Technical topics may include in the area of energy; superior polyelectrolyte membranes for fuel cells and polymers for low cost high emissive light emitting diodes (OLEDs). In the area of sustainability and green chemistry; polymers for biodegradable packaging and monomers and polymers from biomass sources. In the area of biotechnology and biomedicine; bioactive hydrogels and supramolecular polymer assemblies for targeted drug delivery. In the area of global health; polymer fibers for controlled flow in low cost lateral flow diagnostic devices and polymer membranes for desalination.

Under these themes will be included our core areas of macromolecule-metal complexes, polynuclear complexes, capped metal nanoparticles, organic-inorganic hybrids, supramolecular complexes and self-assembled materials, and polyelectrolytes. The conference will include coverage of synthesis and characterization of those materials but will also give attention to various properties and functions such as electrical and electronic, photophysical, catalytic, optical, magnetic, and biotechnical properties. Conferees are encouraged to emphasize the connection between fundamental investigations of polymer phenomena and properties and their technological significance and impact.


While in Greenville we hope that you will take the opportunity to partake of the warmth and hospitality of the South and indulge in the long list of suggested activities (link). Enjoy a downtown stroll to Liberty Bridge and visit our many award-winning restaurants and shops, enjoy a baseball game, visit the BMW Zentrum, or drive the nearby challenging BMW driving course. Before and/or after the MMC-15 Conference you may enjoy a breathtaking drive along our Blue Ridge Parkway, take a power walk through Congaree Park, or take a boat out onto Lake Hartwell.

We warmly welcome each of you to participate and enjoy an exciting MMC-15 and to take the opportunity to strengthen old friendships, establish new acquaintances and enjoy the many scenic, cultural and natural attractions in the Upstate of South Carolina, USA.

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