Enzymes play a crucial role in achieving and maintaining the desired textural and sensorial properties of almost all dairy products. Prime examples include role of enzymes in the conversion of milk into a cheese and its subsequent flavor formation during ripening and the role of enzyme inactivation in extending the shelf-life of liquid dairy products. In addition, enzymes are widely employed to add further value to dairy ingredients and products, e.g., in the production of oligosaccharides from lactose, lysophospholipids and the various enzymatic tools available to optimize milk protein functionality. All these topics, from fundamental understanding to application in consumer products, will be covered during the conference.

The conference aims to combine the most recent scientific developments in functional dairy enzymes. It will provide a unique opportunity for experts from academia and the food industry to interact and apply their knowledge and latest research findings to the design and manufacture of novel and improved dairy foods. The conference will bring together experts from the fields of dairy science and technology, enzymology, (bio)chemistry, processing, physics and sensory sciences.

The conference will address the following themes:

  • Innovative enzymatic strategies to improve milk protein functionality, fat functionality in dairy products and the functionality of lactose and other dairy carbohydrates
  • New insights into the role of enzymes in flavor formation in dairy and dairy products
  • New insights in enzymatic functions and their application potential in dairy systems
  • Innovative technologies and strategies to optimize, control, or inactivate enzyme activity in milk and dairy products
  • Application of enzymes to improve the nutritional and health properties of dairy products