Past Event

European Aerosol Conference (EAC 2013)

1–6 September 2013
Prague, Czech Republic

Since the last European aerosol conference, EAC 2012 in Granada, Spain, the number of key areas covered by the conference has increased. The upcoming conference will provide a platform for the traditional, as well as for the very new scientific and technological topics. The programme of the conference will be arranged thematically according to the working groups of the EAA, namely:

  • Aerosol-based Nanotechnology
  • Aerosol Chemistry
  • Aerosol Modelling
  • Atmospheric Aerosol
  • Combustion Aerosols
  • Electrical Effects
  • Fundamentals
  • Indoor and Working Place Aerosols
  • Instrumentation
  • Particle-Lung Interactions
  • PMx


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