Past Event

International Porous and Powder Materials Symposium and Exhibition, PPM 2013

3–6 September 2013
Izmir, Turkey

The symposium is anticipated to be one of the biggest gatherings of its kind with an expected participants of about 800 people from academia, research organizations, industry, and application fields.The purpose of the symposium is to create a scientific and technological discussion environment between academia and industry on fundamental aspects of characterization, manipulation, production and usage of porous and powder materials, as well as recent developments in the field.


Symposium will also host an exhibition for displaying the products and equipment used in the production/characterization of porous and powder materials.


The main themes of the symposium are summurised as follows:

Theme A: Development and characterization
 Organic, Polymeric, Metallic, Ceramic, Composite, Natural PPMs

Theme B: Catalytic Aspects of PPMs

Theme C: Environmental and Hygenic Aspects
              Waste treatment, Odor Control

Theme D: Biological and Medical Aspects
Pharmaceutical,Bio-materials, Bio-membranes, Implants, Drug delivery

Theme E: Transport and Surface Chemistry
Adsorption, Transport, Wetting, Coatings and Paints, Stability and Agglomeration, Self Assembly

Theme F: Modeling and Simulation

Theme G: Industrial Applications
Heat and Sound Insulation, Coatings, Ceramics, Filtration, Packaging, Storage, Filling Materials,
Construction, Textile, Analytical Equipment, Metallurgy, Composite Materials, Defence and Aerospace

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