Past Event

Second International ‘Crystal & Graphene Science Symposium-2013’ on ‘Crystal Engineering to Graphenes, Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes & Semiconductors',

4–5 September 2013
Waltham, United States

Organizer: Dr. Krishnarao Appasani, GeneExpression Systems, Inc. of USA

Keynote Speakers: Nobel Laureate Jerome Friedman of MIT, Gerald Guralnik of Brown University and Mildred Dresselhaus of MIT




Gaphene Synthesis, Graphene devices, Molecular Meta materials, Graphene Chemistry and Electronics, Quasi-crystals, Nano-crystals, Liquid crystals, Fullerenes, Caron Nanotubes, Semiconductors.


Target audience:                  


Executives, Directors and Scientists of R&D from chemical, biotech and semiconductor industries.    

Graduate students, Post-docs, and Professors from Academia.     

Investors, Thought leaders and Business Development people in life sciences who need to know

 the emerging technologies.



Crystal/Graphene Design and Synthesis

Crystallography in biophysical chemistry

Applications of Graphene devices in Biology

Semiconductor and Molecular Meta materials

Graphene Chemistry to Electronics & Photonics

Quasi-crystals, Nano-crystals and Liquid crystals

Self-assembly, Molecular recognition & Polymorphism

Fullerenes, Caron Nanotubes for the study of Biomolecules

Applications of Crystals/Graphenes in Electronics & Material science


Abstracts Due by: July 05, 2013

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