Past Event

2nd Conference of Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding

5–7 November 2013
Budapest, Hungary

An outstanding lineup of Keynote Speakers will present on CBB2. The keynote sessions will introduce and summarize the most important field of the cereal science.

The below six topics will be discussed:

    1. Biotic Diseases of Conventional- and Pseudo-Cereals
    2. Effect of Abiotic Stresses in Cereals
    3. Physiology of Cereals
    4. Quality and Its Molecular Basis
    5. Marker Assisted Selection in Cereals
    6. Breeding via Traditional & Modern Methods and New Varieties           

Presentations will look through the hot  topics of the field, including molecular and biotechnology aspects of cereal genetics, pathology (biotic stresses), physiology (abiotic stresses), quality, utilization and breeding.

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