Past Event

Gordon Research Conference: Plant Volatiles

26–31 January 2014
Ventura, United States

The 2014 meeting on Plant Volatiles continues a 15 year Gordon Research Conference tradition as the premier forum for scientists studying the molecular and chemical biology, physiology, ecology and evolution of plant volatile organic compounds. As the most important venue for the exchange of knowledge and experiences this conference series is a crucial and influential determinant of future research directions in the field.

The past few decades have seen major advances in the understanding of biosynthesis, ecology and evolutionary biology of plant volatile organic compounds. New discoveries are still made with exponential growth rates in this relatively young research field, and applications of the resulting knowledge in agriculture, nutritional sciences, medicine and many more are being developed or are within reach. The 2014 GRC on Plant Volatiles aims to shine a stronger light on these emerging applications and so blur the borders between basic and applied aspects of the study of the plant headspace. Moreover, sessions will include first-hand insights into the analytical chemistry, molecular regulation and biosynthesis, neurobiology of perception, ecology and evolutionary biology of floral and vegetative volatile emissions. The cutting edge and conceptual oral presentations will be complemented with four poster sessions that are scheduled for the afternoons and evenings and for which all attendees are encouraged to contribute a presentation.

New to the program of the 2014 meeting will be a Gordon Research Seminar on January 25-26, 2014, preceding the conference. This seminar will provide an additional forum for early career researchers in the field to establish networks, and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas.

Application to Attend the Conference: Individuals interested in attending the conference should apply online. It is expected that the majority of the applications will be accompanied by an abstract that will be presented as a poster. Logistics for poster presentations will be provided several months before the conference.

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