Past Event

NGS 2014

31 March – 3 April 2014
Oxford, United Kingdom

Welcome to the 2nd Oxford NGS event - NGS 2014

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is rapidly becoming an indispensible and widely used tool in clinical genetics settings, and in academic, pharma and biotech research laboratories. NGS has made the concept of personalised medicine and rapid whole genome queries closer to reality, empowering clinicians to make genetically informed decisions. However, the fast pace of NGS technology development and the emerging new applications and platforms can be daunting, in particular for newcomers to the field.

The 2nd Oxford Next Generation Sequencing event, NGS 2014, is aimed at providing a one-stop learning solution to this rapidly evolving technology. NGS2014 will consist of three key components*:

(i) A short, one-day, course component providing an introduction to NGS: The short course is aimed at providing basics of wet and dry elements of NGS to newcomers to the field and those already using the technology wishing to get an upgrade on current trends and platforms.

(ii) A one-day workshop component providing a hand-on experience to NGS bioinformatics: aimed at understanding data assembly, management and interpretation in clinical settings.

(iii) A one-and a half-day research and technology conference, where research leaders from clinical, biotech and pharma settings will provide an insight into NGS applications and future directions, providing a broad overview of the field. Key topics to be discussed will include clinical genetics applications, microbial applications, differential expression and functional genomics.

Furthermore, NGS2014 will also provide participants with an excellent opportunity to interact with technology platform and solution providers, exhibiting and presenting at the event. Our sponsors will indeed benefit by interacting with new and old NGS users and by strengthening existing contacts and developing new leads. Therefore, NGS2014 will provide an excellent programme package for everyone interested in NGS.

The training course and the workshop will be limited to a maximum of 50 participants each. The symposium will be limited to a maximum of 180 participants.

Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

*Delegates will be able to register for individual components or for the whole programme. Discounts will be available for those attending more than one component of NGS2014.

Alumni discount: As a show of our appreciation we are pleased to offer 10% discount on registration fees to returning participants, in addition to group and multi-component discounts.

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