Past Event

23rd Biannual International Congress on Thrombosis

14–17 May 2014
Valencia, Spain

The Congress Executive Committee, the Local Organizing Committee and the Council of the Mediterranean League Against Thromboembolic Diseases take pleasure in welcoming you to the 23rd Biannual International MLTD Congress 2014 in Spain.

We have organized a meeting that brings the best and most novel advances in thrombosis and related sciences to attending delegates. We have especially focused on fostering the needs of younger attendants by stimulating scientific exchange, oral presentations, awards and special social functions.

I like to welcome you to Valencia, the beautiful Mediterranean City that is home to our 2014 meeting. Valencia has a long-lived history since its foundation as a Roman colony in 138 BC. It has the flavour of ancient cultures and traditions together with a cosmopolitan sense of life. The historic area shows in its buildings and monuments the incredible heritage of this city, while its cultural and modern attractions indicate an active and dynamic city. The attendees to MLTD-2014 will be able to enjoy an excellent scientific meeting in a warm, hospitable and enchanting city.

The venue, the Palacio de Congresos de Valencia, is conveniently located beside nice hotels and amenities with easy public transportation to the entire city.

We have prepared an exciting and integrated meeting offering a unique programme which covers the whole basic, translational and clinical spectrum of thrombosis, platelets, coagulation, fibrinolysis, haemostasis and vascular biology with care and appreciation for your scientific and personal enjoyment.

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