Past Event

Association of British Neurologists Annual Meeting (ABN)

7–9 May 2014
Cardiff Bay, United Kingdom

The Association of British Neurologists was founded in 1932 and currently has some 1400 members. It aims to:

  • Encourage nationwide availability of excellent and equitable neurological services
  • Support neurologists and neurological trainees in their clinical practice.
  • Support neurologists and neurological trainees in their research and academic activities.
  • Increase knowledge of the nervous system and its disorders.
  • Ensure the continuing professional development of its members.
  • Promote the education of neurological trainees and support learning of neurology throughout medical training.
  • Collaborate with the Royal College of Physicians (London, Edinburgh and Glasgow).
  • Foster communication with patient interest groups.
  • Maintain contacts with neurologists in developed and in developing countries.
  • Provide guidance when required for matters relating to neurology.
In 2014, the ABN Annual Meeting will take place in Cardiff, Wales.

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