Past Event

20th International Symposium on Separation Sciences

30 August – 2 September 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

Chromatography and related separation and identification techniques have found prominent place in modern analytical chemistry. Hundreds of new ideas and applications in the field of analytical separations are emerging every year. The goal of the 20th ISSS symposium will be advancing the knowledge of separation sciences and promoting exchange of new ideas on the academic and the industry level, providing new forum for collaboration and networking. The topics will cover recent advances in the theory, instrumentation and methodology of all types of separation techniques, including new types of particulate and monolithic stationary phases, miniaturized capillary and chip-based fluidic separation media, hyphenated and multi-dimensional separations, method development including chemometric approaches, quality assessment, sample preparation, with emphasis on novel application methods, especially in food, clinical and environmental analysis.

During the symposium, you will have opportunities to exchange valuable practical experience and to find solutions for your particular analytical problems. The considerations about the future and the directions of development of theory and practice of the separation techniques will be the leading idea of the 20th International Symposium on Separation Sciences in Prague. The future of separation sciences depends on young scientists, who will be offered registration at special reduced fee to facilitate the participation at the symposium. As an important part of the symposium, a poster competition will be organized.

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