Past Event

5th International Congress on Ceramics

17–21 August 2014
Chaoyang, China

Organized by the Chinese Ceramics Society on behalf of the International Ceramics Federation (ICF), the 5th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC5) will be held from Aug. 17th-21st, 2014 in Beijing, China.

The International Ceramics Federation (ICF) convenes the International Congress on Ceramics (ICC) every two years in cooperation with the ICF member societies. During the congress, global business and technology leaders, scientists and researchers gather to share ideas and visions of the future for ceramics and inorganic materials, and to engage the worldwide ceramics community in a collective effort to expand the use of these materials in both conventional as well as new and exciting applications. The 1st - 4th ICC were held in Toronto (Canada 2006), Verona (Italy 2008), Osaka (Japan 2010) and Chicago (US 2012) and have been a great success.

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