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China (Guangzhou) International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2014 (CNIBEE 2014)

26–28 August 2014
Guangzhou, China
China (Guangzhou) International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2014 (CNIBEE 2014)
Date: August 26th - 28 th, 2014
Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou � China Import and Export Fair Complex
Organizer: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd
China – A huge market in the world
China is always one of the world’s biggest markets in many fields, and biomass energy industry is no exception. Due to the large population, more and more biomass energy products and equipment are required for electricity generation, heating supply and other aspects. 
Moreover, State Council of China has issued documents about environmental protection, explicitly mentioning biomass energy. Thus, it’s foreseeable that great support will be given to biomass energy industry by governments. It will undoubtedly usher in fast development in China. 
About CNIBEE 2014
After two years of development, CNIBEE has developed into the largest trading platform for biomass energy industry in China. 
In 2013, CNIBEE attracted about 15,000 visitors from more than 40 countries and regions, and over 100 exhibitors, including Myungsung, Industrial Boilers, Komptech GmbH, Uniconfort srl, Crushmaster, ROSHT, Muyang, etc.
This year, covering exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, CNIBEE 2014 is expected to invite 260 renowned brands at home and abroad, and more professional visitors than ever before. Welcome to join us and celebrate the industry feast together! We believe you will have a fruitful business trip!
Exhibits Scope:
  • Biomass Fuel Processing Equipment: Particle machine, granulator, press block machine, molding machine, etc.
  • Bio fuels: Biomass energy, biomass solid particles, briquetting fuel, biodiesel, bio based products, catalyst, biomass gas, etc.
  • Biomass Boiler and Burner: Biomass steam boiler, hot water boiler, hot blast furnace, Heat conduction oil furnace, etc.
  • Power generation equipment: Garbage power generation, biogas, straw gas, natural gas generator, etc.
  • Methane equipment: Biogas engineering, biogas digesters, biogas fermentation, enzyme fermentation, etc.
  • Biomass technology and equipment: Contract energy management, biomass combustion, gasification power generation, etc.
  • Waste treatment Equipment and Ocean Biomass Equipment: Comprehensive treatment of organic biomass waste, and energy utilization of industrial waste gas, waste heat recovery and ocean biomass.

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