Past Event

COSPAR 2014: 40th Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research

2–10 August 2014
Moscow, Russian Federation

40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly

Moscow, Russia, 2-10 August 2014

Location & Date

The 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly will be held in Moscow, Russia from 2 - 10 August 2014.

This Assembly is open to all bona fide scientists.




Approximately 120 meetings covering the fields of COSPAR Scientific Commissions (SC) and Panels:

- SC A:  The Earth's Surface, Meteorology and Climate
- SC B:  The Earth-Moon System, Planets, and Small Bodies of the Solar System
- SC C:  The Upper Atmospheres of the Earth and Planets Including Reference Atmospheres
- SC D:  Space Plasmas in the Solar System, Including Planetary Magnetospheres
- SC E:  Research in Astrophysics from Space
- SC F:  Life Sciences as Related to Space
- SC G:  Materials Sciences in Space
- SC H:  Fundamental Physics in Space
- Panel on Satellite Dynamics (PSD)
- Panel on Scientific Ballooning (PSB)
- Panel on Potentially Environmentally Detrimental Activities in Space (PEDAS)
- Panel on Radiation Belt Environment Modelling (PRBEM)
- Panel on Space Weather (PSW)
- Panel on Planetary Protection (PPP)
- Panel on Capacity Building (PCB)

- Panel on Education (PE)

- Panel on Exploration (PEX)

- Special events:  interdisciplinary lectures, round table, etc.


Selected papers published in Advances in Space Research, a fully refereed journal with no deadlines open to all submissions in relevant fields.



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