Past Event

Siena Meeting From Genome to Proteome

31 August – 4 September 2014
Siena, Italy

The Siena Meeting will reach its 10th edition in 2014. It was held in Siena biannually since 1994 when, at the first one, the idea of the Proteome was first introduced to a large audience by Marc Wilkins. As a consequence we will celebrate the 20th birthday of the Proteome concept. To celebrate this important recurrence, the 10th Siena Meeting will be a special edition, with the presence of one of the most representative invited speaker present in each edition of the past Siena Meetings. Moreover, this important recurrence will be remembered with a special issue of the Journal of Proteomics containing state-of-the-art reviews and key historical or breakthrough articles authored by leading researchers, in and around the area of Proteomics, whose contributions have left significant and lasting marks in the field. This special issue will be distributed to all the participants of the 10th Siena Meeting.

Thanks to its marvellous atmosphere that offers a perfect balance of science and history, the Siena Meeting is still recognized as one of the most important proteomics conference and is extremely well attended by scientists from all over the world. To maintain this special atmosphere we have decided, as usual, to limit the size of our meeting to 400 participants. This will give us the possibility to organize a conference at which science would take the centre stage and the discussions would be conducted in a very relaxed and friendly ambiance. With these purposes we encourage all the young and experienced scientists to be part of this important and special edition.

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