Past Event

14th Annual AgChem Forum 2014

9–10 September 2014
Barcelona, Spain
14th Annual AgChem Forum 2014, part of CIR (Chemical Industries Regulations)

Hear vital feedback on the registration of your Plant Production Products and feedback on zonal submissions direct from 18 Member State Authorities. What are the different interpretations across MS and how are industry dealing with these differences? AgChem Forum 2014 will provide you with critical information to help you achieve success under the 1107/2009 regulation.
Attend this event and ensure that you are up to speed with the development and implementation of new guidance documents and testing methods for both human and environmental safety, including the risk assessment for bees, cumulative risk assessment, operator exposure, good modelling practice, higher plants and non-target arthropods.
Stream 1: Regulatory Frameworks
Stream 2: Human Safety: Toxicology and Exposure
Stream 3: Environmental Safety: Ecotox and Fate 
One pass gives you access to all areas allowing you to move between conference streams if your information needs are broad.  For those with interests in only one of the areas each conference stream is packed with information ensuring you take home the most valuable information.
With over 500 senior level attendees from 290 companies and 40 regulatory authorities, CIR 2014 offers unrivalled partnering and networking opportunities before, during and after the event

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