Past Event

16th International Biotechnology Symposium & Exhibition

14–19 September 2014
Fortaleza, Brazil

It is an honor and a great pleasure to address to the scientific and industrial communities of biotechnologists and green chemists comprising, students, professors, researchers, speakers, company executives, government staff, and entrepreneurs, a special invitation to actively participate in the 16thIBS2014 program edition that will take place in Fortaleza-Brazil, September 14 to 19th. The National Coordination Committee – NCC has developed a hard work to present the most advanced issues on biotechnology, green chemistry and its related fields, which will be discussed by a selected group of international speakers and lecturers, recommended by the International Scientific Committee. The 16thIBS2014 is sponsored by IUPAC and the Brazilian Agency for Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) and its international partners, like DAAD, British Council. To better design and guide the large numbers of participants of the 16thIBS2014 it was proposed seven sessions covering different fields of biotechnology, and green economy, each one focusing on specific topics for papers, oral presentations and posters selected from the abstracts submitted. Qualified journals from Elsevier will select the most relevant papers to be published in special editions. Among the sessions, a special one will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. This will be the 16thIBS Bio-Business Forum promoting round tables to formalize and integrate partnerships academy and industry. There will also be a satellite session sponsored by companies interested in launching their products and processes aligned to business interests. To accomplish these purposes different sectors of the Brazilian Industry and International Confederation have been invited. This Forum will be under the auspices of the International Business Centers of the Brazilian Confederation of Industry – CNI and IUPAC.

To strengthen cooperation among academy, government, and industry, the Rector of the Federal University of Ceará created a National Council to provide suggestions and cooperation from the most distinguished Brazilian Agencies of Science, Technology and Innovation, as well as from Brazilian Companies to help the 16thIBS to achieve its goals in cooperation with the Center for Strategic Studies and Management – CGEE, supervised by the Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry. In the last 10 years, CGEE has been developing strategic and prospective studies on Biotechnology and Green Economy with the aim of supporting decision-making, formulation and implementation of public policies in science, technology and innovation, as well as subsidies in the area of technology for businesses in Brazil.

To provide all participants with special moments of the genuine Brazilian culture, there will be typical music and dance performances by local artists, as well as opportunities to taste regional gastronomy, appreciate our craftsmanship and famous hospitality. The NCC has been organizing a special social program, including sightseeing and cultural tours, in which you will enjoy the marvelous scenery of our sand beaches.

It is our compromise to do the best to make this Symposium most fruitful and your visit to Fortaleza most pleasant.