Past Event

19th International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds (ICTMC-19 )

1–5 September 2014
Niigata City, Japan
The ICTMC-19 is the 19th conference in the series beginning with ICTSC-1 in Bath (1973), and following ICTMC-17 in Baku (2010) and ICTMC-18 in Salzburg (2012). The conference is covering physics, chemistry, materials science, device engineering, and also growth and theory of various ternary and multinary compounds: chalcopyrite-type (I-III-VI2, II-IV-V2), kesterite-type (I2-II-V-VI4), sphalerite-type and wurtzite-type (III-V, II-VI, etc.), perovskite-type, skutterudite-type, complex-oxides, complex-nitrides, and so on. We would like to exchange information and experience between relevant material fields in the interdisciplinary forum.


  1. Growth and preparation techniques; bulk materials, thin films, nanostructured materials, nanoscale structures
  2. Characterization techniques, including large scale facilities
  3. Computational material design and modeling
  4. Photovoltaic materials and applications (CIGSSE, CZTS, CTS, etc)
  5. New high-efficiency solar-cell design based on multi-junction, nano-dots, mid-gap-state, and others
  6. Light emitting materials and devices
  7. Spintronic, thermoelectric, multiferroic and superconductive materials and applications
  8. Miscellaneous