Important dates:

  • Early bird registration31 July 2014
  • Standard registration31 August 2014
The 2ND Neo, Adjuvant & Palliative Chemotherapy in Surgical Malignancy (NAPCSM) 2014 is join symposium of PERABOI and IKABDI, is the place where to meet top experts in the field and network of surgical oncology, with all of those interested in how to translate new discoveries in solid cancer into better care and treatment of cancer patients.
The symposium aims to achieve a solid basic oncology & chemotherapy knowledge, to translate new discoveries in solid cancer medicines, to give an insight and perspective of local and national resources, providing a forum for interaction, communication, and education for both surgical oncologist & digestive surgeon.
“Better cancer care through better understanding” to conquer solid cancer are the major themes of our conference. Our mission is to provide information on discoveries that will have impact on solid cancer treatment in the near future, to understand cancer development and cancer molecular pathways, to have a better  understanding of antineoplastic drug action & drug toxicity, to manage drug toxicity,  to implented in clinical setting, to promote collaboration in cancer research.
The program will address a clear perspective: the need for physician to keep pace with the rapidly growing body of knowledge of solid cancer on new molecular pathways, targets, biomarkers, drugs and update skills of physicians to integrate and use such new technologies in daily clinical practice.

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