Past Event

Distribution Automation Europe

29–30 September 2014
London, United Kingdom

SMi's 4th annual Distribution Automation Europe conference will build upon our suuccessful 2013 event, setting out how to facilitate the impact and growth of renewables and improve communication system architecture to increase the reliability and efficiency of future networks. Deploying a smart distribution network is a critical goal for utilities to help manage electricity needs by making grids more efficient, reliable, and secure and reducing carbon emissions - next generation hardware and software for DA gives utilities many more options in meeting these goals.

Who Should Attend

• DA Program Managers
• Chief Engineers
• Directors of Smart Grid and Strategic Planning
• Vice Presidents
• Distribution Engineers
• Research and Development managers
• Senior Analyst
• Sales Director
• Senior project manager
• Director
• Storm Team Director
• Manager of Distribution Grid Operations
• Project manager
• Marketing Manager
• President
• Executive Director
• Managing Director
• Regulatory and Energy Policy Officer
• IT Solutions Manager
• Smart Grid Strategy Manager
• Chief Technology Officer
• Metering Infrastructure Manager
• Smart Grid Analyst
• Technical Sales Engineer/DA Specialist
• Systems Integration Engineer
• Technology Innovations Director
• Distribution Support Manager
• Senior Advisor
• Senior Research Analyst

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