Past Event

European Conference and Workshop on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry – SIMS Europe

7–9 September 2014
Münster, Germany

Alternating with the biennial International SIMS Conferences, the European Workshop is attended by an increasing number of participants, indicating that it meets the needs of the European as well as the international SIMS community.

The program will be organized along the lines of previous workshops. Sunday starts off with a Short Course. In the morning, SIMS fundamentals will be addressed. In the afternoon, state-of-the-art SIMS surface mass spectrometry, imaging, depth profiling, and chemometric methods will be presented. This Short Course is free of charge for all workshop attendants.

The emphasis of this year‘s meeting will be on fundamental research, including sputtering and ionisation processes, postionisation, cluster ion bombardment, molecular depth profiling, and ultra-high spatial resolution SIMS. The conference will also focus on analytical applications of SIMS in well-established fields such as nanoelectronics, materials sciences, life sciences, and nanotechnologies. Invited speakers of international standing will present keynote lectures, followed by contributed papers and poster sessions. 

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