Past Event

European Lead Battery Conference and Exhibition (ELBC)

9–14 September 2014
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The European Lead Battery Conference and Exhibition (ELBC) brings together key technical, manufacturing, marketing, R&D personnel and users to discuss and examine the strategic, technical and commercial issues of greatest importance to the lead-acid battery industry today.

Global energy costs are continuing to escalate and fears about climate change are of worldwide concern. The need for more efficient and widespread energy storage and for ways of reducing vehicle and other carbon emissions are therefore of high priority. Both challenges represent outstanding opportunities for the lead-acid battery industry.

In recent years major advances in the design, performance, manufacture and efficient recyclability of lead batteries have resulted in significant market growth in these new and important uses.

Meanwhile many initiatives and expectations have focused on alternative battery systems such as lithium-ion. Their uptake by users requiring high-capacity and cost-effective batteries has failed to reach anticipated levels due to high cost, safety and recyclability concerns.