Past Event

IEEE IAS PCIC Technical Conference Website

8–10 September 2014
San Francisco, United States

Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference (PCIC) is the premier annual conference for practicing electrical engineers in the petroleum and chemical industry. PCIC attracts a world wide audience and is respected for the high quality and practical application of its technical papers.

The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference (PCIC) is an exchange of technical ideas – not a trade show – that brings together professionals with a common focus on electrical installations and safety.  

The PCIC Executive and Local Committees take great pride in providing a high quality conference while keeping registration and participation costs reasonable. PCIC is the best educational value for anyone working in the petrochemical electrical field.

Conference papers and tutorials are authored by many of the most respected minds in the industry. Great care is taken to ensure that presentations are free of commercial content. Many PCIC members participate in writing industry standards. Working groups meet prior to the start of the conference to work on standards for the IEEE, API and other organizations. These meetings are open to all conference registrants.