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International Conference Automotive Battery Management Systems

22–24 September 2014
Cologne, Germany

With ever more stringent emissions targets being introduced and a corresponding surge in EV and HEV production globally, an in-depth understanding and optimised utilisation of the battery management system (BMS) is more important than ever.

In the race to optimise performance and reduce costs, an intelligent battery management system is necessary to lengthen battery life, thereby reducing the vehicle cost over its entire lifetime.  Successful cell utilisation needs to account for the heterogeneous aging of battery cells, how to best measure for a state of charge and state of health as well as an effective balancing of the cells during the charging and discharging process.  As well as controlling battery performance, the BMS is paramount in ensuring the safety of the battery pack.  This requires an in depth understanding of the fundamental cell chemistries, performance characteristics and battery failure modes.

IQPC’s 1st International Conference “Automotive Battery Management Systems” will bring together stakeholders from along the value chain to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange.
Don't forgo the opportunity to meet international experts from OEMs, suppliers, and academia to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences and challenges during two conference and one workshop day.
• Gain insight into ways of reducing costs by optimising battery use and successfully managing cell aging
• Consider how a flexible battery management system can cope with differing battery chemistries and increased voltage
• Learn how to meet ISO 26262 requirements as well as discussing worldwide safety standards
• Explore and evaluate new concepts and an extended scope of the battery management systems of the future
• Consider the impact of increased EV usage on distribution networks and the corresponding need for smart grids
Speakers: Dr.-Ing. Michael Daginnus - Manager Battery System Electronics Development - Volkswagen AG, Dr. Emmanuelle Lancelle-Beltran - Technical Leader for Energy Storage Systems - PSA Peugeot Citro�n, Hannes Kuusisto - Senior Design Engineer - Volvo Car Corporation, Dr. Marc Nalbach - Director DandD Energy Management - Hella KGaA Hueck and Co.
Time: 08:00-17:00
Bronze Package 2 day conference: € 2.549,- VAT
Silver Package 2 day conference 1 workshop: € 3.049,- VAT
Gold Package 2 day conference 2 workshops: € 3.349,- VAT
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