Past Event

Telecoms for Smart Grids

22–23 September 2014
London, United Kingdom
Future developments including the onset of M2M communications technology with challenges and risks in delivering fit-for-purpose, secure telecoms systems will be examined in this highly-focused event. This year will bring leading utilities, government and communication technology authorities for an in-depth discussion on current pilot projects, challenges and solutions.
SMis 4th annual Telecoms for Smart Grids conference, taking place on 22-23 September in London, will assess UK and European smart grid and meter communications infrastructures, data communication integration, substation automation, distribution network upgrades and business process management. The event will also examine the convergence of telecoms and utilities, how they work together and how these partnerships can deliver. To do this, the two-day programme will feature utility case studies from E.ON and ESB, keynote addresses from the DECC and the Data Communications Company, along with presentations focusing on the communication challenges affecting Smart Metering, Smart Water Networks and Smart Energy Grid development. 
Industry Challenges Addressed!
  • Developing telecoms networks specifically for smart utility grids
  • Cyber security of the electric power grid and the interconnectivity and the potential vulnerabilities between smart grids and smart homes
  • Telecommunications spectrum challenges for smart metering and grid rollout
  • Developing a smart water network - the iWidget project and what this means for EU utilities
  • One year on - Data Communications Company industry update 
Do not forget the interactive half-day post-conference workshop 
Business Choices: Choosing the Telecoms System for Smart Grids 
Workshop Leader: Andrew Thomas, Divisional Director and Dr. Andrew Wheen, Principal Consultant, Information Communications Technology, Mott MacDonald

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