Statistics for the Terrified (An Introduction to Statistics)

- 02 September 2014 (09.30-12.30)


This half day workshop is directed at those with no, or only very limited knowledge of statistics who require a better understanding of how statistics can be used to describe and summarise data.


Delivered by Dr David Chinn, Senior Research Advisor and R&D Coordinator, NHS Fife; Dr Chinn is not a statistician but an epidemiologist with a working knowledge of stats.

The level of presentation is very basic and examples will be used throughout to illustrate the procedures and concepts.


At the end of the 3-hour workshop those attending should be able to:

• Describe different data types

• Describe measures of ‘location’ (also known as ‘central tendency’) and variability (spread) appropriate to the distribution of the data

• Describe the features of the Normal distribution and the t-distribution together with aspects of their application

• Understand the ‘standard deviation’

• Derive and interpret confidence intervals for continuous data and proportions.


 Course Fees:

- �20 (Student Rate with valid matriculation card)

- �30 (NHS/University Rate, Early Bird before 22/07/2014)

- �40 (NHS/University Rate after 22/07/2014)

- �80 (Industry Rate)

Please note that this is a ‘stand-alone’ workshop, however you may also benefit from attending the workshop ‘Making sense of numbers’ which is scheduled to take place after this session (2nd September 2014; 1330-1630).

For more information and to register a place, please visit the WTCRF website or contact us at or 44 (0)131 537 3355