Past Event

5th International Conference Drivetrain Concepts for Wind Turbines

27–29 October 2014
Bremen, Germany
In the race for more efficient and reliable wind turbines, drivetrain technology is in the very centre of attention.Next to geared and direct drives for different environments, alternative drivetrain concepts promise to optimise turbine efficiency and enhance reliability.
Our conference offers the unique opportunity to meet international technical experts from all relevant stakeholders, and discuss advances in different drivetrain concepts and related components with a strong focus on practical experience.
Evaluate different main bearing concepts and their impact on the CoE
Have a close look at cooling systems for DD generators to significantly increase torque
Review case studies of multi MW drivetrain designs and discuss related challenges
Share your view on testing requirements and standards in an open panel discussion
Get damage statistics and explore the room for further design improvements
The following companies have been invited to present:
Aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH
Alstom Wind
CATUM Engineering GmbH
Envision Energy AS
Enercon GmbH
Fraunhofer IWES
GE Energy Power Conversion
GL Garrad Hassan
Leitwind AG
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Moventas Wind
M.Torres Desarrollos Energ�ticos S.L.
Senvion SE
RWTH Aachen
Siemens AG
Suzlon Energy GmbH
Stuttgart University
The Switch
Vattenfall Vindkraft A/S
Voith Turbo Wind GmbH and Co. KG
W2E Wind to Energy GmbH
ZF Wind Power.

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