Past Event

Next-Generation Materials for Energy Chemistry: Faraday Discussion 176

27–29 October 2014
Xiamen, China

The development of renewable, low cost, high performance energy technologies is a key scientific challenge for the 21st century. Many of these energy applications involve numerous dynamic energy and mass transfer processes at the length scale of sub-nanometers to micrometers that require the collaborative participation of various functional material components. 

To create efficient, stable and reproducible energy systems, effective integration of material components from atomic, molecular, nano to meso-scale is thus crucial. However, the most challenging aspect is to integrate the required components together while optimizing the performance of each component and even creating new synergetic effects. 

In the past decade, considerable research attention has been devoted to the fabrication of single-length scale / component materials for energy applications. Next-Generation Materials for Energy Chemistry: Faraday Discussion 176 will centre on discussing how individual functional components at different length scale can be effectively integrated into next-generation energy materials.