Past Event

SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE)

14–16 October 2014
Adelaide, Australia

In consideration of the continued changes affecting the oil and gas industry, the theme of the conference is Changing the Game: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions.

Significant changes in the energy business continue to create both challenges and opportunities in relation to producing oil and gas. Each year the game changers make a difference. We have successfully created a new “conventional” production solution from “unconventional” Coal Seam Gas, continued to routinely set offshore and onshore drilling records, and relentlessly evolved oil and gas development techniques. We are challenged by regulators and the public to demonstrate high standards on health, safety and environmental performance.

The APOGCE conference provides a great platform for networking and sharing of breakthroughs and creative ideas as well as best practices through case studies, and discussions of pertinent issues of the oil and gas industry.

In order to ensure an exciting and interesting programme of events for the APOGCE, the Technical Programme Committee has invited renowned speakers and scheduled numerous technical paper sessions and panel discussion sessions covering topics such as “Oil & Gas Reserves and Resources: Do the Rules Match the Game?” and “Accelerating Field Production: Fast-Tracking Development Plans and Execution”.