(Im)Possible Cities

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission15 April 2015
  • Early bird registration31 May 2017
  • Paper submission11 August 2017
  • Standard registration14 August 2017
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Re-City 2017, the 2nd International City Regeneration Congress, under the theme “(Im)Possible Cities” will be arranged in Tampere, Finland, on 24 – 25 August 2017. The Congress provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, students, and practitioners in the fields of urban planning, architecture, traffic planning and logistics, ecology, urban history, informatics, health sciences, economics and business, political sciences, social sciences, and humanities. 

The theme “(Im)Possible Cities” allows for a wide range of approaches concerning city regeneration and the challenges implied in the visioning, planning, and construction the cities. The congress seeks especially for good and bad examples of real city regeneration cases. However, more theoretical and imaginary approaches are also welcomed.
  • David Pinder, ProfessorDavid Pinder, Professor Queen Mary University of London & Roskilde UniversityFind out more
  • Laura Kolbe, ProfessorLaura Kolbe, Professor University of Helsinki & Helsinki City CouncilFind out more
  • Lucy Bullivant, Dr., Hon. FRIBALucy Bullivant, Dr., Hon. FRIBA Syracuse UniversityFind out more
  • Marketta Kyttä, ProfessorMarketta Kyttä, Professor Aalto UniversityFind out more
  • Panu Lehtovuori, ProfessorPanu Lehtovuori, Professor Tampere University of TechnologyFind out more