Active Protection Systems Focus Day

An examination of the current operational environment indicates that future manoeuvre forces must be prepared to fight and win in an increasingly high threat environment.

As seen even in ongoing counter-insurgency and hybrid conflicts, threats to the vehicle are increasing in both scope and size. Traditional lightly armed combatants now have access to an increasing array of anti-armour capabilities, from cost effective and lethal RPG 29, to the latest generation of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), capable of defeating most of the passive protection available to today’s combat vehicles.

Simultaneously, the threat posed by high intensity conflict and near peer adversaries has never been more credible. With both the protection and fire power of NATO’s combat vehicles now being challenged and even exceeded in certain areas, proactive measures must be taken to ensure the highest level of protection possible for combat vehicles and their crews.

Taking place on November 14th and building on the fruitful discussion of active protection systems (APS) at last year’s Future Armoured Vehicle’s Survivability 2016, SMi presents a focus day exclusively dedicated to this important capability

Drawing on the experience and recent activities of leading programme managers from the armed forces and national defence research, the meeting will aim to deliberate national efforts to integrate APS into existing fleets, the architectures necessary to support integration, efforts to ensure system safety, STANAG 4686 standardisation and much more

Importantly, the meeting will guarantee the support of technical experts from the leading solution providers, covering the latest hard/soft kill systems, sensors, data processing, munitions and countermeasures

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