The second Mares Conference on Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation is an initiative from the MARES Joint Doctoral Programme and EuroMarine Network. Through six leading themes, this international and open conference will bring together marine researchers, scientists, educators, and policymakers to address the issues regarding marine ecosystems health and conservation. The conference aims to be dynamic and innovative, by providing a mixture of oral presentations, scientific exhibitions and training workshops. Throughout the conference scientific sessions and exhibitions, the following thematic subjects will be explored:

  • Future oceans: temperature changes - hypoxia - acidification
  • Understanding biodiversity effects on the functioning of marine ecosystems
  • Biological invasions 
  • Natural resources: overexploitation, fisheries and aquaculture
  • Ocean noise pollution 
  • Habitat loss, urban development, coastal infrastructures and marine spatial planning

Call for abstracts closes 9th October 2015

Early bird registration closes 29th October 2015
  • Dr Jake Rice Canadian Department of Fisheries and OceansFind out more
  • Dr Tundi Agardy Forest TrendsFind out more
  • Professor Anna Occhipinti Ambrogi University of PaviaFind out more
  • Professor Jean-Pierre Gattuso University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) & French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)Find out more
  • Professor Steve Widdicombe Plymouth Marine LaboratoryFind out more
  • René Dekeling Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure & EnvironmentFind out more