Future Armoured Vehicle Weapon Systems

5th and 6th June 2018

London, UK



For more information contact Natasha Boumediene at nboumediene@smi-online.co.uk


SMi is pleased to present the third annual Future Armoured Vehicle Weapon Systems taking place in London on 5th and 6th June 2018.


With global terrorism at an all-time high, armoured vehicles are continuously required to operate across diverse environments against varying enemy forces and need to be able to deliver the firepower required to eliminate these heterogeneous hazards. Whether exploiting surface-to-air missiles to counter airborne units, infantry fighting capabilities or beyond line of sight ranged artillery in support of advancing soldiers, modern armoured vehicles continue to rely a myriad of weapon systems to deliver the lethality required to achieve their mission objectives.


Future Armoured Vehicle Weapon Systems conference 2018 promises to delve into the heart of lethality systems within international mounted formations. The two-day event will cover research in development of new armaments and munitions for armoured vehicles, generic modular designs that enable platform interoperability, targeting and tracking systems and operational feedback from training and gunnery exercises and schools.



Benefits of attending

         Develop an international perspective on armoured vehicle firepower with presentations from the Israeli MoD, Canadian Armed Forces and German Army, along with key briefings from host nation agencies

         Listen to technical briefings from industry experts including Rheinmetall, FNSS and CTA International – as well as a dedicated exhibition space to showcase the latest lethality technologies

         Hear comprehensive briefings from the United States with updates from Next Generation Combat Vehicle, Abrams Main Battle Tank, PEO Ammunition, Maneuver Centre of Excellence and PEO Ground Combat Systems

         Explore the latest technologies, systems and platforms that are revolutionising how military forces conduct mechanised warfare



Colonel James Schirmer, Project Manager, Armored Fighting Vehicles, PEO Ground Combat Systems, US Army

Colonel Gerald Boston, Deputy Director, Next Generation Combat Vehicle Functional Team, MCoE, US Army

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Corbett, Section Head - Armoured Vehicle Systems, Canadian Armed Forces

Lieutenant Colonel Karl Heinz Boenke, Team Leader,Infantry Platforms MRAV and BOXER, German Army

Mr Pierre Magnan, Director of Engineering, CTA International

Mr Oykun Erin, Weapon Systems and Core Engineering Department Manager, FNSS

Mr Peter Brusten, Technical Lead IFV Puma Weapon Systems, Rheinmetall Land Systems




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