Following the success of the Advance in Cell Based Assays series, SMi Group proudly presents the inaugural launch of 3D Cell Culture, an exciting new conference scheduled to take place 22-23 February 2017, London UK.

3D Cell Culture 2017 will address the latest developments of 3D cell culture techniques; the ways in which 3D methods are presently paving the way to future technologies, and the ways in which they are currently revolutionising cancer research, stem cell and regenerative medicine. The 3D cell culture market is predicted to reach $3702.2 million by 2021* with main increase seen in novel technologies and culture methods. This event will highlight emerging technologies, like 3D and 4D bio imaging, and their application to furthering research and medical practice. In addition, we aim to focus on the involvement of 3D culture methods in drug development and screening, a topic of great current commercial interest to pharmaceutical and research bodies.

3D Cell Culture 2017 will bring together leading professionals and researchers in the industry to discuss the latest developments and future potential of this technique. We aim to provide a unique and exciting conference on 3D cell culture, covering cutting edge technologies like CRISPR. There will also be emphasis on the success and bright future of 3D methods in cancer research and stem cell research, the potential of organoids, and drug development besides.


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