Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology 2017

SMi are delighted to announce that a brochure has been released for Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying 2017!

Robust capabilities in lyophilisation and freeze drying methods have become critical for process efficiency and commercial success whilst maintaining product quality and biological stability. Innovation and efficiency is requested at every level making Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology the perfect platform to strengthen knowledge in key principles such as PAT and QbD, whilst staying at the forefront of technological breakthroughs to adapt to growing manufacturing demands.

Gathering a room of Senior Scientists and Heads of Pharmaceutical Engineering, the 5th annual show provides an ideal forum to discuss the latest advancements in pharmaceutical lyophilisation, welcoming regulatory guidance from the NIBSC-MHRA and expertise from the likes of Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, Novo Nordisk and more!


  • Bakul Bhatnagar, Senior Principal Scientist Bio Therapeutics R&D, Pfizer
  • Sune Klint Andersen, Principal Scientist, Novo Nordisk 
  • Jean-Ren� Authelin, Global Head of Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Sanofi 
  • Pierre Goldbach, Pharmaceutical Development and Supplies, Roche 
  • Paul Matejtschuk, Principle Scientist, NIBSC - MHRA 
  • Mahammad Ahmed, Associate Scientist II, Medimmune 
  • Patrick Garidel, Head of Pharmaceutical Basic Development, Boehringer Ingelheim 
  • Christoph Korpus, Laboratory Head, Merck 
  • Xiaodong Chen, Senior Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb 


Sanofi , Pfizer and GSK discuss the key to securing successful scale-up in lyophilisation

Hear about innovations in freeze drying processes and technology

Tackle challenges in freeze-drying high concentration biologics

An update on collapsed freeze drying and spray drying as alternative approaches to conventional batch freeze drying

New approaches to PAT and QbD principles

Exciting insight into current and future developments in continuous manufacturing

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