Past Event

Bacteriophage 2017

17–19 January 2017
ONLINE EVENT, United Kingdom

This annual event will discuss emerging research relating to bacteriophage structure and mechanism of action, and their application in medical and industrial biotechnologies.

Event description: As one of the most abundant biological entities on earth, bacteriophages are major drivers of bacterial adaptive evolution through the predator-prey roles of the phage-bacterium interaction and through the adaptive impacts of lysogeny and lysogenic conversion. Bacteriophage biology underpins many biochemical reagents and technologies, indispensible for modern molecular biology, and phages continue to be exploited in several areas of biotechnology, including diagnostics, prophylaxis and other aspects of food microbiology. Furthermore, the use of bacteriophages as natural alternatives to antibiotics (known as phage therapy) are of increasing interest for the treatment of human and animal disease in the face of rising levels of antibiotic resistance. This meeting will bring together researchers working with phages across these disciplines to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Who Should Attend:  This event is aimed at those interested in the biology of bacteriophages and their applications in biotechnology, including research scientists, academics and pharmaceutical professionals.


Oral presentation submission deadline – 10th October 2016

Early registration deadline – 20th November 2016

Poster presentation submission deadline – 3rd January 2018

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