Past Event

Microbiome AgBioTech Summit

21–23 February 2017
Raleigh, United States
Harness the Power of Microbes for Innovative, Productive and Sustainable Agricultural Practice 
By 2050, the demand for agricultural production will have increased by 70%. The scientific community has therefore focused their efforts on redefining agricultural practice to improve productivity, increase yields and sustainably preserve crucial resources.
The inaugural Microbiome AgBioTech Summit will prioritize how soil, plant and animal microbiomes can be engineered for efficient nutrient recycling, sophisticated pest and pathogen control and to help alleviate the detrimental impact of abiotic stress factors. 
By bringing together pioneering microbial experts from industry and academia, this meeting will find solutions to the greatest problems, challenges and opportunities involved in industrial production and commercialization of beneficial microbial strains for widespread agricultural application. 
Join the pioneers of microbial science and learn the key characteristics required in research and industrial development to translate a promising laboratory strain into a commercially viable product. Featuring some of agriculture's foremost innovators, the Microbiome AgBioTech Summit will focus on five essential areas:
- Understand complex plant-microbiome communications to influence efficacy and stability of microbial based products
- Build discovery platforms to effectively transition between laboratory and farm application
- Integrate novel and cost effective technology for community identification and functionality analysis
- Discover creative solutions to advance the utility and viability of biostimulant and biocontrol agents.
- Outline successful formulation, delivery and regulatory frameworks to guarantee future development of microbial products

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