Past Event

Dredging Management

25–26 April 2017
Wallingford, United Kingdom

Aimed at those involved in planning, commissioning and managing dredging works,  delegates who attend our two-day Dredging management course will acquire the key knowledge, capabilities and strategies to allow them to achieve their respective goals.

Taught by leading experts with long standing knowledge and experience; delegates will explore multiple aspects of a dredging project and be able to apply theory and method to their own activities whilst minimising costs and risks. Over the two days, your questions will be answered during several practical exercises and opportunities for discussion.

Course content

  • Introduction to dredging and currently used terminology
  • Description of the different types of dredgers
  • Design of dredging works (capital-maintenance, marine-riverine)
  • Modelling of dredging operations
  • Environmental aspects to consider during dredging
  • Licensing, consents and key stakeholders identification
  • Environmental monitoring of the dredging operations
  • Dredging contract types
  • Project implementation and management
  • Avoidance of common disputes

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the key industry terms and most common dredger types available on the market including how they operate and their working limits
  • How to plan, manage and monitor dredging with a view to reducing costs and risks in your own projects
  • How dredging is undertaken, including detailed explanations of the different stages/components of a dredging project
  • How dredging can impact the environment and how this can be addressed through planning, management, mitigation and monitoring of the project or activity
  • What the standard types of dredging contracts are, the key principles to consider when preparing a contract and how to minimise the risk of claims

Course tutors
All of the course tutors for this training have excellent knowledge and experience in the dredging market and have been involved in multiple commercial and research projects.